Each country has a certain number of types of visas and possible ways to obtain citizenship. The laws, conditions and requirements underlying each visa create many difficulties for those who wish to stay in the country and naturalize.

In order to study the optimal process of obtaining citizenship and obtaining the appropriate visa for the specific needs of the applicant and to facilitate the process, it is very important to use the accompaniment of a lawyer to obtain citizenship of this country.

Our firm assists in the collection, preparation and, if necessary, obtaining the necessary documents from different countries, professionally accompanies in various immigration authorities in a particular country.

We offer effective solutions and support in all legal cases from determining the strategy of doing business to obtaining the desired status.
The State of Israel has a large number of different types of visas. The laws, conditions and requirements behind each visa pile up quite a few difficulties for those willing to stay in Israel.

In order to obtain the appropriate visa for the applicant's specific needs and to alleviate the procedure, it is very important to use the accompaniment of an attorney with the specialization in status legislation matters in Israel. In some cases that is becoming critical as the absence of one document or failure to fill out the applications correctly could lead to rejection of the application for a visa by the Ministry of the Interior.

Our office deals with different visas and is accompanying our clients in obtaining a residence permit and status in Israel, from determining a case strategy to obtaining the desired status.

We are engaged in the collection, preparation and, if necessary, assist in the reclamation of any necessary documents from different countries, as well as carefully prepare our clients for an interview with the Ministry of Interior.
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The reasons and arguments for obtaining Israeli citizenship, of course, are quite a lot.

First of all, Israeli citizenship allows you to live in the Holy Land.
The State of Israel is a strong modern country with a stable and developed economy.
Israeli citizenship allows its holders to work in a country of high technologies and start-ups, receive all social benefits relevant to Israeli citizens, receive world-class medical care and freely manage their business without fear of bureaucratic delays.
A warm climate is also important, thanks to which you will maintain your health until old age.
Your children can get an excellent education, since diplomas of Israeli universities are quoted all over the world.
As long as you do not reside in Israel, you are exempt from paying taxes. Only residents are required to pay them.
But most importantly, Israeli citizens have the right to visa-free visits to 147 countries, including such "hard-to-reach" countries as the UK, New Zealand, Canada, and the Schengen countries.

There is no uniform immigration law in the State of Israel, but there are several laws that relate to citizenship and status regulation in Israel, and a large number of instructions from the Ministry of the Interior.

The primary and most common way to obtain Israeli citizenship is through repatriation to Israel under the 1950 Law of Return, which allows every Jew to immigrate to Israel and naturalize in Israel. The law proclaims the State of Israel a Jewish and democratic nation-state designed to serve as a national home for the Jewish people. 
The Citizenship Law of 1952 regulates the question of citizenship in the State of Israel and takes into account a number of cases in which a person can acquire Israeli citizenship.
Thus, according to the Citizenship Law of 1952, anyone born to an Israeli father or an Israeli mother is a natural citizen of Israel. 
According to article 7 of the Citizenship Law, a non-Israeli citizen married to an Israeli citizen may acquire Israeli citizenship by naturalization. 
The unmarried couples, who live together as husband and wife, as well as the foreign spouse of a permanent resident of Israel, are granted the right to obtain the status of a permanent resident of Israel.
Israeli citizenship/permanent residence in Israel by marriage/cohabitation is not automatic. The law provides for a step-by-step legalization procedure, which lasts several years. During the procedure, the Ministry of the Interior checks the honesty of the relationship between the spouses and grants the foreign citizen a temporary status for a period of one year. 
At the end of the process, the law allows the foreign spouse /cohabitant to obtain citizenship in Israel / permanent residence in Israel, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Our firm specializes in obtaining status in Israel and obtaining Israeli citizenship / permanent resident status and provides a personal approach and professional and reliable service to all clients.
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