Support and representation in the Ministry of Interior on the legalization of status in Israel, from determining a case strategy to obtaining the desired status.

We deal with urgent visas and accompanying married couples or publicly known couples in Granting of personal status by the Israeli Ministry of Interior for foreign citizens for the purpose of family reunification with a citizen of Israel.

The State of Israel has a large number of different types of visas. The laws, conditions and requirements behind each visa pile up quite a few difficulties for those willing to stay in Israel.

In order to obtain the appropriate visa for the applicant's specific needs and to alleviate the procedure, it is very important to use the accompaniment of an attorney with the specialization in status legislation matters in Israel. In some cases that is becoming critical as the absence of one document or failure to fill out the applications correctly could lead to rejection of the application for a visa by the Ministry of the Interior.

Our office deals with different visas and is accompanying our clients in obtaining a residence permit and status in Israel, from determining a case strategy to obtaining the desired status.

We are engaged in the collection, preparation and, if necessary, assist in the reclamation of any necessary documents from different countries, as well as carefully prepare our clients for an interview with the Ministry of Interior.
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Legalization of status in Israel for the foreign spouse of Israeli citizen is a necessary matter. If not following a relevant procedure, the spouse might be deported from Israel and would not be able to return. This issue is dealt with by the Ministry of Interior which unfortunately sometimes operates without an orderly policy but according to bureaucratic procedures.

Legalization of status within many procedures of the Ministry of Interior is related to the provision of a large package of documents and constant checks of the sincerity of the relationship.

Therefore, it is very important to know and understand the process of arranging the status, taking into account the actual circumstances of each couple. This approach helps to prevent potential problems rather than to solve them later.

Due to the lack of a clear and unified policy of the Ministry of Interior, it is important to make decisions only after consulting with a lawyer, who would examine the circumstances, present to the couple all available options and help them make the best decision for them.

Our firm offers our clients professional, efficient and reliable support and representation in the Ministry of the Interior in all matters related to arranging status for married or unmarried couples from the moment the case is opened until its disposal.
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Under the Law of Return of 1950, the right to immigrate to Israel, granted to every Jew and his family, including his descendants, their families and their descendants, as well as to those who have converted to Judaism and have received recognition of conversion to Jewry.

Surely this is not the only condition for starting the immigration procedure on the basis of a newcomer immigrant’s visa. There are many additional conditions that are checked by the Interior Ministry, such as the criminal record (the issue of the security of the state and the Jewish people), verification of Judaism (not every conversion to Judaism is recognized by Israel) and others.

The status of newcomer is extremely important because it grants the immigrant and his family with special benefits, tax reductions and discounts in the purchase of a car and an apartment, and more.

Our office will help you decide on the issue of immigration to Israel and prepare a full set of documents for the smooth pass of the case in the Interior Ministry.

Our knowledge, experience and individual approach allow us to handle and deal with various problems that arise while receiving the status of a newcomer and represent our clients with any authorities.
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Israel provides the possibility for an Israeli citizen to take in an elderly single father or mother who lives outside Israel and is not eligible to immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return of 1950. Such a parent can obtain official status in Israel and after passing the procedure - Israeli citizenship.

​This procedure is intended for a single parent who has no other children abroad and allows a single father to move to Israel from the age of 64 and a single mother from the age of 62.

In some cases, obtaining this status arise several problems, since due to age and life circumstances it is problematic to provide some documents.

​We offer our customers quality service that helps them bring their single parents as safely and comfortably as possible.
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The Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees 1951, ratified by Israel, grants to every person forced to flee their country on the basis of religious, racial, political or other persecution the right to protection and refugee status.

However, the need for asylum must be officially proven – supported by a number of documents.

Our office assists such persons in preparing an application to the interdepartmental commission to the Refugee Status Department for asylum, and also accompanies them during subsequent interviews.
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There are many cases that do not fall under any of the procedures for legalization of status in Israel. However, in the presence of certain circumstances, it is possible to obtain status in Israel for humanitarian reasons. It is for such cases that the Interdepartmental Committee for Humanitarian Reasons has been established.

As a rule, these are the circumstances that justify granting applicants status in Israel, even if it does not meet the criteria established by the instructions of the Interior Ministry. For example, divorce from an Israeli spouse before obtaining citizenship, when children are born in the marriage; the death of an Israeli spouse before the completion of the procedure and the foreigner's receipt of permanent status; children who grew up in Israel and consider it their homeland, who have not received status, and others.

A thorough study of the circumstances of the case and the speed of reaction – these are the key rules that ensure that we competently conduct the humanitarian process.
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As a rule, a decision made in administrative law must be reasoned. However, in the Law for the Correction of Administrative Orders (Decisions and Reasoning), 1958, it was established that decisions made under the Entry into Israel Law are not required to reason. In the event a residence permit is already granted, it cannot be revoked without reasoning.

On the other hand, despite the exemption granted to the Minister of the Interior from the reasoning obligation regarding the granting of a visa under the Entry into Israel Law, its judgment is subject to the court's review.

Moreover, The Israeli Ministry of the Interior has strict criteria for granting status to certain applicants. Persons who fully fall under these criteria, as a rule, do not have problems with the legalization of status.

Another thing if the evidence submitted by the applicant is not accepted for consideration by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
First of all, it should be noted that the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Embassy can be appealed, according to one procedure or another.

However, filing the appeal itself has strict rules. The deadlines for filing an appeal are indicated in the text of the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs itself or in the relevant instructions.

Being late in filing an appeal for at least one day makes the appeal impossible, which may entail deportation within the specified period.

Remember when receiving a decision to refuse, it is highly recommended to act decisively, precisely and quickly.

In any case, with the ministry of the interior's refusal decisions it is highly recommended to consult with an expert lawyer in the field of citizenship and visas in Israel in order to examine the case on its own merits and obtain a professional opinion.
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