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The Law on Marital Relations defines the procedure for the separation of property upon dissolution of marriage, according to which property will be divided equally between the spouses.

A marriage contract is a unique contract between spouses / cohabites that regulates rights and property issues and determines the procedure for separation of property upon divorce. Within the framework of the marriage contract, the parties determine at their discretion how the property would be divided between them in the event of divorce.

In other words, this agreement gives the parties legal and economic security in the event of separation and ensures that no financial dispute will arise between the parties during the divorce or separation.

At the time of drawing up the marriage contract, both the existing property of the spouses / cohabitants and the property that they are going to accumulate during their life together are taken into account.

We emphasize that the marriage agreement is important and necessary not only in the case when there is a significant economic gap between the parties, but also for couples who do not have much property on the eve of marriage or at the beginning of their life together, since in the future their economic situation may change.

Moreover, distribution of property according to the marriage contract in the event of separation refers not only to ordinary financial issues, such as an apartment or a car, but also includes other issues, such as reputation, social rights, etc.

In our office you can conclude a marriage agreement before marriage and also make a postnuptial agreement during marriage / coupledom and secure your financial future in the event of a separation.
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As known, divorce is not an easy matter both emotionally and legally. This process becomes even more difficult when it comes to minor children and joint property.

In the process of divorce, the parties must reach agreements on many issues, such as property relations, alimony issues, custody of children, order of communication between parents and the child.

Our firm specializes in divorce proceedings and negotiations at each stage for the earliest and most effective reaching of agreements between the parties.
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It is commonly known that divorce is a grueling, exhausting and quite often long process. Especially when a couple has much to split (including debts) and has mutual children. Then the conflict of interest causes great psychological harm to all participants.

The divorce agreement allows the parties to avoid problems related to alimony, child upbringing and visitation, separation of joint property and mutual debts of the spouses.

Practice shows that when drawing up such an agreement, the parties often receive much more than what they would get by court decision.

A divorce agreement legally regulates the way the family unit is dismantled.

A divorce agreement can be made at any stage, whether the couple has decided to divorce and has not yet applied to the courts or is in the divorce proceedings and wish to reach their agreement.

Our firm specializes in drafting separation or divorce agreements and negotiating at every stage in order to reach a divorce agreement.
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A paternity lawsuit is a legal action to recognize a certain man as the biological father of a minor.

In Israel, the paternity test is carried out on the basis of genetic testing according to the court warrant.

The court's decision that the man is the father of a minor allows the child to exercise economic rights (like alimony) that are due to him from the father. When declaring paternity, a minor also receives the rights to the father's inheritance, unless otherwise specified in the will.

In addition, the definition of paternity exercises the right of the child to know who his father is when this knowledge is important for his future and development.

It is important to emphasize that the establishment of paternity also allows a man to exercise the rights of a parent related to the financial maintenance and upbringing of the child.

Every parent, minor through a guardian appointed by the court, or the minor himself, may file a paternity claim.

Our firm specializes in conducting cases on the establishment of paternity and will gladly be of assistance in this matter.
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A lasting power of attorney is a legal document that allows a person over the age of 18 to appoint an agent (usually one or more relatives) who can make decisions for him in the future if he can no longer do so himself.

An agent is responsible for caring for the welfare of the principal. He will be able to make decisions on behalf of the principal, after the principal himself not sui juris, in accordance with his wishes and requests. This means that lasting power of attorney does not lose its legal validity when the commissioner loses his fitness.

A lasting power of attorney can regulate personal, property and medical issues, all or part of them. The regulation of medical issues only will be done with a power of attorney for medical treatment.

It is important to know that the lasting power of attorney also allows the principal to define the supervisors (people to which the agent will have to report to) to assure the agent is not abusing its status.

We emphasize that as long as the principal is legally competent, he can change the lasting power of attorney at any stage by depositing or revoking a new lasting power of attorney.

There is no doubt that the lasting power of attorney is of great importance to the fate and continuation of the principal's life and an extremely important legal instrument.

The lasting power of attorney may be conducted only by a lawyer who has undergone special training and has been authorized to do so by the General Guardian, and who has no personal interest in the power of attorney.
Our office specializes in compilation of a lasting power of attorney and helps our clients formulate and, if necessary, translate it.
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